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BTT boys by vivalalixi

It all began with a single text.
Why don't you die fat ass?!
It was from one of my only friends. She turned on me to become popular. Then more poured in.
Go die.
They slowly got more detailed.
How about you do yourself and the world a favor and slit your throat.
Wassup bitchy? I got an idea! How about you go die under a bridge, kay?
I was just wondering if you might consider loosing weight. You know, so there won't be anymore earthquakes during gym.
They all stung, and the words rang through my head as I dragged a knife against my shoulders, letting the blood drip freely into the sink. I was home alone, because I lived alone, after my parents died last year, shortly before people started bullying me. So I let myself sob as loud as I wanted, trailing the bloody knife through my easily marred flesh. Satisfied that I was done for now, I washed the knife off and waited for a few minutes, until the cuts scabbed over. 
"(Y/N)! ZHE AWESOME ME IS HERE!" I heard a loud voice call. 
"OUI! AND I AM 'ERE TOO MON CHERIE!" Another yelled.
"MI TOMATE! I BROUGHT YOU SOME TOMATOES!" A third laughed. I panicked, washing off the knife and throwing on a loose military green jacket over my black tank top. I rushed downstairs to see that my trio of friends had let themselves in. 
"Hey guys!" I laughed as they all jumped, Gilbert screaming in a high pitched voice, Francis wailing with his eyes shut, and Antonio yelping and catching a tomato in his basket. I laughed some more, falling over and yelping as my cut up shoulder and my head hit a stair.
"Amiga!" They all yelled at once, dropping to help me. 
"FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I groaned, clutching my shoulder. (For Reader-chans who know me, yes you adopted my pain noise.)
"'ere! Let me see your shoulder Fleur!" France gently commanded. Panic flooded my veins. If the Trio knew I cut they would hate me.
"NEIN!" I yelled, getting up so swiftly that I scraped my injured shoulder against the railing. 
"Chica just let us see your shoulder!" Spain asked, grabbing my jacket sleeve. Before I could stop him, he pulled my jacket off, exposing the scabs and scars that coated my flesh. They gasped and I turned away, baring my scarred shoulder blades to the trio, and sobbed.

“Chica…” Antonio breathed, tracing one of the newer cuts delicately, causing me to shiver.

“There’s so many…” Francis sighed, placing his hand on my shoulder, which was a spider web of pale lines.

“Vhy?” Gilbert asked softly, turning me around. I pointed at my phone, and Antonio grabbed it, flipping it open and going to the messages. The other two watched over his shoulder. Francis ground his perfect teeth, Antonio clenched his fist with white knuckles, and Gilbert growled, his red eyes seeming to be ablaze.

“Chica… they’re just jealous.” Antonio whispered hugging me.

“They don’t know you. You are beautiful mon Fleur.” France muttered, his voice muffled due to the fact that he had his face pressed into my hair as he hugged Toni and I.

“They’re stupid. They don’t know what they’re talking about Schmetterling.” Gilbert murmured, hugging all three of you. You continued crying, the tears becoming happy ones.

“I-I love you guys.” I sighed peacefully, smiling in relief.

“Liebe dich auch.” Gilbert said.

“Je t’aime” Francis repeated in his language.

“Te amo.” Toni finished in Spanish. I wasn’t alone. When I was weak they would hold me until I found me strength. That was all I needed.

This almost made me cry to write it, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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