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November 22, 2013
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I sat curled helplessly in a corner, watching as my father stared at a wall, muttering. His eyes and hair were wild, and his nails were bitten short. This had happened a lot since Momma left. His eyes flashed towards me and I braced myself.
"You useless, life sucking, retarded little bitch!" He bellowed, lunging at me ferociously. "I wish you were never born! You were a mistake! You're the reason she left me! YOU DID THIS!" He kicked, punched, clawed and bit me while I cried. 
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! NEVER COME BACK! I HOPE YOU GET RAPED AND DIE!" He yelled as he threw me out the door onto the pavement. The door slammed shut. I stared at it blankly as rain poured onto my head, mixing with my tears and soaking my injured face. I wandered off aimlessly, my bare feet growing numb as I trudged along. Suddenly something hit my head. A piece of ice. I dove into a fancy doorway, taking shelter from the falling hailstones. Sighing, I curled up, taking up the least amount of room possible.
"Booty call time!" I hollered, marching awesomely through the totally unawesome meeting hall.
"Onhonhonhon..." France chuckled, following me. 
"Claro que sí! Wait for me!" Spain yelled, running after us. I opened the door and gasped. A small, thin form was curled at the doorstep, shivering. I picked it up carefully.
"Angleterre!" France yelled, slipping into his native tongue on accident. 
"What do you want you bloody-" He stopped short as his eyes landed on the cold, ragged form in my arms. He ran off, then came back holding a doctor's bag. He bandaged her wounds, then put everything away. Her eyes fluttered open and quickly widened.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" She screamed, covering her face with her arms. After a few moments of silence she looked at me with wide (e/c) eyes.
"W-why aren't you hitting me?" She sniffled, seeming confused.
"Vhy vould ve do zhat?" I questioned.
"D-Daddy always did." She sniffed. 
"Don't worry poppet. We wouldn't harm you. That is as long as Froggy keeps John Thomas in his pants." The Englishman muttered the last part, glaring at France.
"Angleterre! You're in the presence of a child!" France scolded. 
"So vhat's jour name?" I asked the little girl.
"Daddy always called me bitch." She said, shrugging.
"Vell zhat von't do. How about Gilgirl?" I suggested, laughing. She shook her head.
"How about... (y/n)?" I tried again. Her eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously. Suddenly a hoard of countries flooded the hall.
"Big brudder who is zhis?" West asked, crouching beside me.
"Zhis is (y/n)." I responded.
"I mean how did she get here?" 
"Well zhat one's a bit foggy. I just found her on the doorstep and zhere vas pretty bad hail coming down, and she said her fazher beat her, so we're not returning her." I stated frankly. 
"Well who's going to look after the schatz?"
"I will!"
"I can take care of the young aru!" 
"I wirr take her in."
"Dude I got this!"
"I have room for the little maple leaf..."  
Everyone offered at once. 
"How about this: She'll choose. Who do you want to go with?" I asked gently. 
~Your POV~
I looked around for a nice looking person and walked to...

A transparent man with a bear in his lap(CANADA)
A calm, quiet man with glasses(SWEDEN)
The man with green eyes and a kind face(ENGLAND)
A grinning man wih blue eyes and glasses(AMERICA)
A man with long brown hair in a pony tail(CHINA)
A man with black hair wearing a navy uniform(JAPAN)
A man in a pretty blue cape(FRANCE)
A guy holding an adorable kitty(GREECE)…
A cheerful looking man with a curl on the side of his head(ITALY)
A man in camouflage next to a little girl(SWITZERLAND)
A tall man with a tan coat(RUSSIA)
A man with slicked-back blonde hair(GERMANY)
A tan man with brown hair(SPAIN)
A man staring intently at a piano(AUSTRIA)
A little boy with a sailor suit(SEALAND)
To the man who found me(PRUSSIA)
A man with dull blue eyes and a weird floating curl next to his head(NORWAY)
A man with spiky hair holding an ax(DENMARK)
A man with tousled hair and a bandage running across his nose(AUSTRALIA)
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